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christmas story

A Christmas Story

A historical Christmas story featuring everyone’s favorite deer. Long before the historical Jesus and Black Friday, stories held special significance during this part of the year, the darkest days of winter, the solstice, a time to celebrate the coming of light.  In the 4th century Pope Julius I declared that the 25th of December be the Read more about A Christmas Story[…]

Nonviolent Sabotage – Dakota Access Pipeline

Ruby and Jessica drill holes in the Dakota access pipeline.  After limited success in public hearings, encampments, petitions, marches, and rallies, the two admitted to non violent sabotage. In this episode, the two speak publicly about the success they experienced during their 8-month long property destruction campaign, including the piercing of empty & exposed DAPL Read more about Nonviolent Sabotage – Dakota Access Pipeline[…]

boundary waters

Millennials and Climate Change (feat. The Boundary Waters)

Camping in the boundary waters, talking about life, and our place as millennial men in a changing climate. I went camping in the boundary waters. The wilderness and conversations that filled my time lead me to consider climate change in a new way. This story includes a conversation on  Naomi Klein’s 2014 book, This Changes Read more about Millennials and Climate Change (feat. The Boundary Waters)[…]

Song of the morning retreat center

Yoga Retreat: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity Pt. 3

Eight months ago Brian Clark moved to Song of the Morning yoga retreat center in upper Michigan- a space to live his contemplative vocation of meditation, consciousness, and creativity. Begin meditating: Because of my time at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat, I reestablished my contemplative practice (at least for now). If you are interested Read more about Yoga Retreat: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity Pt. 3[…]