Nonviolent Sabotage – Dakota Access Pipeline

Ruby and Jessica drill holes in the Dakota access pipeline.

 After limited success in public hearings, encampments, petitions, marches, and rallies, the two admitted to non violent sabotage. In this episode, the two speak publicly about the success they experienced during their 8-month long property destruction campaign, including the piercing of empty & exposed DAPL pipeline valves, as well as setting fire to pipeline machinery. Since coming forward, their home has been raided by the FBI, the two have been named as individuals in a federal lawsuit and both are facing future federal indictment. 

Musings to consider:

  1. “The duty of privilege is absolute integrity” – John O’Donohue
  2. “as the rising smoke of an offering through the sun door, do goes the hero, released from the ego” – Joseph Campbell Hero with a thousand faces
  3. “The work is not yours to finish. But neither are you to take no part in it.” -Rabbi Tarfon

I’m not condemning what the women did, I’m not condoning it either. But I’d like to talk about it. Email me: with any thoughts.

Music by Paul Spring and Brian Thavis. Thanks to the Minneapolis Catholic Workers. 

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