Yoga Retreat Pt. 2

A yoga retreat in America and the people figuring out what this means.

yoga retreat center

Thanks to everyone at Song of the Morning Yoga Center. Learn more here.


Welcome to farming god. A Sunday morning podcast on a way to live.

Last Tuesday, I was at my computer. Trying to figure out the episode for the week. Nothing was peaking my curiousity, my book selection had become stale,  and as usual no one was returning my emails. Maybe this would be the week I ran out of material. Nothing left to say. Farming god would humbly slide its way into the ever welcoming cyber graveyard where it would join the likes of napster, myspace, Friendster, and Kazaa. Sure farming god was never as popular as them. But while huddled around a dimly lit bar, it doesn’t matter. The past is what the storyteller makes it.

While considering the limitless bounds of the internet and it’s anthropomorphic failures, my phone buzzed with a text from a friend, asking to go visit his brother in northern Michigan. I asked “When”, Chip said “tomorrow”, I asked “for how long”, Chip said “until Friday”, I said “ok”.

After 12 hours in Chip’s 2005 dodge neon, we made it to Song of the Morning yoga center in northern Michigan. We didn’t leave Friday, or saturday, and just barely got out of the door before dusk on Sunday. It was so hard to leave. You’ll soon understand why.

All the music in this episode was preformed sporadically throughout the week by Chip’s brother, Isak. Thanks for listening.


Thanks to everyone at Song of the Morning yoga Center. Learn about opportunities to visit at

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