Southern Migration: Wild Goose Festival

Science Mike and Michael Gungor of the Liturgists podcast help me wrestle with what Wild Goose Festival means for Christianity. Originally published after the 2016 Wild Goose Festival, we are joined by a host of authors and speakers who discuss topics ranging from transgender Christianity to support for recovering racists. This episode will undoubtably give you a peek into the slurry known as Wild Goose Festival, happening this weekend in Asheville, NC.

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Music in this episode is by Paul Spring. Intro music and horns are by Winston Drei Tod. Thanks to Mike McHargue, Michael GungarTom SineMatt MorrisMirabai StarrAustin HartkeVersandra Keningbrew, the band HardworkerLawton Higgs Sr.Merideth Owensby, Larry Reed, Rick Meredith and the entire creative team at Wild Goose Festival.

wild goose podcast

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