Ice Age Trail

An intersection with Anthony- Hiking, camping, thinking along the Ice Age Trail, raising awareness for veteran suicide, in the Kettle moraine of eastern Wisconsin.

ice age trail

14 thousand years ago there were 5 million people on earth. Living in tribes. Hunting and gathering.
Size was important. Large tribes were at risk of starvation, small ones vulnerable to wolves, lions, and rival clans. 
The average tribesman possessed a dexterity greater than modern humans have ever seen. Their knowledge of plants and animals exceeded that of today’s most devout naturalists.
Preserving hospitable equilibrium extended beyond the tribe’s ecosystem., to maintaining peace within the tribe.  Vocalizing dissent was a delicate matter. Lingering disagreements were a liability to the group’s cohesiveness, and in turn, their safety. Each other was all we had.
Earth’s most recent glaciation period was ending. The climate was warming, so we spread to new territory, like North America.
I’m working on a fire wood farm in the kettle moraine. 15 miles West of lake Michigan.
The rolling maple forests,  scattered lakes, and shallow wetlands, are a result of Wisconsin glaciation, the most recent North American ice sheet. There’s a 1200 mile route that meanders through this moraine.  It’s called the Ice age trail. I came across someone hiking it.

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