Farm Church and Feminine Spirituality

…and questions on the evolution of Christianity

Farm Church and Feminine Spirituality:

For the first time Farming god is doing a show loosely related to farming. I had the privilege of speaking with Brin Bon and Shannon Preston (@PrestonCottage) in the historical hayloft of Green Gate farms. Brin and Shannon are female priests.  They don’t shy away from big questions; and instead, approach them in a refreshingly practical way.

farm church

The historical hayloft at Green Gate Farms

We discuss:

  • Becoming priests in the Episcopal church
  • The daily activities of a priest
  • Are they worried about millennial’s disinterest in organized religion?
  • Is Sunday the problem with Church?
  • Finding God in the people and places through commitment.
  • Farm Church
  • Feminine spirituality
  • How will the church transform to meet the needs of a divided community?
  • “There will be a time that we need to trust the god we believe in.”

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