Le Tour de YMCA

Community spaces where we come together to be screamed at by cycling instructors are becoming harder to find. This loss of civic space has surprising consequences.

Michael Sandel teaches one of the most attended courses in Harvard history, He’s the author of books like Justice: What is the right thing to do and ‘What Money Can’t Buy’. Sandel outlines the unlikely consequences of the marketization of civic spaces.

Michael J Sandel book, Justice: What’s the right thing to do 

Imagine if- as the first mass multi-cultural democratic republic the world has ever seen- we, in the most privileged nation the world- could support our public spaces.

Some of the ideas of neighborly politeness vaguely come from Slavoj Zizek. Grab a beer and a comfortable seat and indulge in the video below. 

Maybe instead of driving to a high end fitness center, try out a community center near you. You just might like it.

A special thanks to Dan and Kell for speaking with me

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